Unclassifiable and purely authentic with a little touch of tasty kitch, Aniaetleprogrammeur gather several influences under one style, their own. 
Defined as dirty electro rock, electro punk, industrial electro or the kings of modern no-wave, indeed Aniaetleprogrammeur leave traces behind their passages. Even if electro is the most repeated word, the band doesn’t fit into clubs but to concert hall

s, where the quality of the speakers allow them to create the most incisive wall of sound.

Berlin-based but originally formed in Paris in 2005, the band is composed of Hanrigabriel (direction/guitars/vox/synths) Tata Christiane (synths/machines), and Valquire Veljkovic (lights/synths/bass). The trio is a multidisciplinary art collective whose activities extend to fashion design (with the brand Tata Christiane), video, photography and graphic design. and on FACEBOOK

Photos: Courtesy of Aniaetleprogrammeur

DON'T MISS THE COLLECTIVE SHOWCASE, this Friday (starting 8pm) in Berlin, where Aniaetleprogrammeur is going to play! 

Max Bonheur.

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