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You entry an old building while it’s cold outside. And you receive the very best hospitality by Julie Bourgeois, the designer of „Tata Christiane“, which figuratively means „Aunt Christiane“, who’s a French symbol of colors, eccentricity with a mixture of morbid grunge and visionary vividness. Smoking cigarettes with a room filling person talking between German, French and English created a unique atmosphere.

And here’s what we asked Ms. Bourgeois exclusively:

Dear Julie Bourgeois, it’s wonderful to meet you. Thank you for the great chance to have this interview with you.
It’s nice to meet you, too!

The first thing we want to ask you, is how you’d describe your clientele.
It’s quite large, very different. Androgynous. Can be classic and casual or extreme and very colorful.  I didn t find any rules in i yet.

- You use a huge spectrum of different colors, cuts and prints, oftentimes united in one piece. What is the message behind it?
Fashion is fiction.  The material, the texture and the color effect are really important to my eyes. I didn’t study fashion, but literature philosophy, my work is influenced by this. I took the aspect of beauty, fiction and poetry from my studies and didn’t get influenced by the rational aspect of it. Extravagance and beauty. There’s a special private story behind every single piece I make. It’s more art culture than fashion culture to me. Fashion photographs should be in my opinion complex, like literature or arts. And there doesn’t have to be a certain meaning or context. It‘s quite free.

- When can we face the announced Online Shop for Tata Christiane?
It will open the latest in July, hopefully sooner.

- Why did you choose Berlin as your adopted home?
Before I came to Berlin I’ve lived in Paris. I came here because of the music with my band, Aniaetleprogrammeur. Step by step I moved to Berlin, gave up my appartement in Paris. Living in Berlin is more comfortable than in Paris because in Germany’s capital city you have more place in your mind and I' m working and living better here. 

- Some days ago we read that you and Nicole Roscher from „Von Bardonitz“ are the founding designers of „The Offer“, a multinational label collective. How much did and does this influence your work for Tata Christiane?
I started doing collections and exhibitions in Berlin after working for different theaters and artists in Paris. Nicole Roscher with Magdalena Schaffrin started  to organize meetings with other   designers  to exchange tips and do something together. I joined the meetings when I arrived in Berlin. Step by step, some designers left, others came. We started „The Offer“ as newcomers and have very different styles. We organized then events and performances to promote the designers of The Offer and share together our experiences. Andrea Cseh is as well founder of The Offer.

- You’re not only a fashion designer, but also a costume designer for movies and theater. In which movies and plays have your costumes been seen?
I made some stylings and costumes for movies. Furthermore I provide  theater groups, circus artists, and also many musicians with my clothes.

- And our last question to you but probably the most interesting one: When we searched for shops offering Tata Christiane in Germany after we had seen your collection at „THE EDGED Showroom“ during the last Fashion Week, we couldn‘t find any.
So are you planning an expansion of Tata Christiane?
I‘m represented in Japan  by the Shop Wut Berlin, and in a shop in South Japan and Hong Kong (Pop up store). I sell as well in Belgium and in Paris. I don t have yet my own shop. On the website you can find the shop list.

Here's the link to TATA CHRISTIANE:

Photographer: Max-Michael Böhner. Nina Esther Palme.  

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