Starting Berlin Fashion Week Esmod Berlin presented a compilation of different highlights of the BA and MA studies as well as a choice of professional ESMOD alumni having founded their own labels. We enjoyed the one hour lasting shows at "Deutsches Historisches Museum". 

The first preview of the evening was "Sustainability in Fashion" concerning the Master Class at ESMOD Berlin. Thereafter "DRESSING ROOM" (a collaboration with Arte) was shown, including 12 winning looks that were also broadcasted on Arte itself. We loved the following collections of the alumni 2012, too: 
Karen Jessen's recycled collection "Benu Berlin" is an act against the disposable mentality of clothing industry. It reminds us of a grand folklore-mix.
Michele Beil's menswear collection "The Man Within" was very straight, full of leather and jersey. 
Nauva Nauva's collection "Ethnic Suprematism" is inspired by the Russian artist Kazimir Malevich. Nauva Nauva used a lot of texture blocking.
Julia Winkler's Pinky's Dream, Watch The Room collection, inspired by David Lynch's music is a great collection of avant-garde pieces, all plain-colored costumes, dresses, jumpsuits and coats. 

Among the "Professionals":

"Path" by Janine Grosche showed minimalism, avant-garde and elegance for men.
"ica watermelon" was founded in 2009 by the Berlin based designer Julia Knüpfer. The label presented very elegant pieces as well.
"David Ubl" surprised us with a mixture of minimalism and extravagance. 

After an unbelievable amount of fashion we both just headed home with the biggest headache ever. What an awesome first Fashion Week Day!


  1. Sheila7/04/2012

    hey ihr lieben, darf ich mir das 2. foto klauen? outfit ist von mir und ich habe es verbummelt backstage noch ein foto zu schießen. wäre ganz lieb!
    genießt den fashion wahnsinn.

  2. Na klar! Bitte Link oder Urheber angeben ;) Danke!
    Max von BoePalm.