Max-Michael Böhner, Dezember 2011

3 NEW FASHION sketches, drawings and/or paintings will be posted EACH DAY, so hang in there!

Day 12: 12/31/11 NEW YEAR'S EVE!
Restrained fur
Day 11: 12/30/11
Too much too much too much too much too much...
Borderline 2
Inspired by Palm Base
Day 10: 12/29/11
Grace Coddington?! 
60's Today
Und was war hässlich an ihm? Nichts.
Day 9: 12/28/11
I gotta go get a wig like this. And the pants. And the shirt. And the shoes. But where?
Would you stop and try to save on your journey to the grave?
Es verhindert. Behindert. Uns.
Day 8: 12/27/11 
Momma, I'm fed up.
brocade suit
Wenn der Ebenbürt'ge jemals käme
Day 7: 12/26/11
Borderline. Berlin, oder? 
Don Blablabla
Im Einstnachwievor
Day 6: 12/25/11
The Cunt I
Too much of nothing
Waiting for Godot
Day 5: 12/24/11 MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Und herrlicher und freier walle mein Geist ins unbekannte Land.
Esther + ?
Baby, it's cold outside
Day 4: 12/23/11
feather dress
Und endlich kann ich fliegen. Dank euch. Ohne euch. Weg von euch.
Mea culpa
Day 3: 12/22/11
She'll turn once more to Sunday's clown and cry behind the door.
Bulimia-Shawl and Catsuit linked to it
All I ask of living is to have no chains on me
Day 2: 12/21/11
Assymetrical longblazer and dress.
Casual wear for men
Lover to lover
Day 1: 12/20/11
Avantgarde, Avantgarde!
Simple Casual Look
Cigarette outfit

All drawings, paintings, sketches done by myself, so please don't copy.

Max Böhner, 12'11

Nina Esther Palme, Dezember 2011

(..klickt die Bilder an, um sie zu vergrößern.) 

.dans le bruit de la couleur

monde fantastique des couleurs.

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